The FairLottos team consist of a group of experienced lottery players and lotto vendors who have come together to help promote transparency among online lottery websites.

Unfortunately, scam lottery websites have become more prevalent in recent years, making it more difficult for legitimate lottery vendors to set themselves apart from the scammers.

Our team have years of online lottery review experience, and we always strive to bring our users a fair and balanced look at all of the sites that we put under review.

Users will be able to find reviews for both large and established websites, as well as smaller more unknown websites, reviewing each of them under the same criteria.

We also have a platform for our users to submit their own experiences on their favourite lottery site. Lottery players are also welcome to contact us directly for an specific lottery information they may be looking for.

FairLottos is ultimately here to help prevent lottery scams and to help you find the lottery website that is right for you.

When reviewing a lottery site we look at elements such as which lotteries are on offer, how user-friendly a site is, how established the brand is, and any other factors that could influence a potential players experience with that website.