What is a lottery strategy?

A lottery strategy is a system for deciding which lotto numbers to play with the intent on predicting which numbers will be drawn.

But picking correct numbers is not the only strategy for winning.

To maximize winning returns, a strategy does not have to revolve around picking all the correct numbers… Another tactic is to target “special event” lotteries where you can 4X your winnings even with only two or three correct numbers.

What am I talking about?

How to Crush It with 4X Returns Without Having to Pick All 6 Winning Numbers

Some lottos are designed to be FUN.

For example: Did you know that the UK National Lotto has a rule that if their jackpot rolls over 5 times (they have no jackpot winner), the 6th draw becomes is designated a must-be-won opportunity?

And then, if that 6th draw jackpot also goes unclaimed, the prize pool is distributed between all winning tiers—the wealth gets distributed between all number combination winners.

How Everybody Becomes a Winner When the National Lottery Rolls Down

What is a lottery rolldown?

Whenever there’s a Lotto Must Be Won draw and no one wins the jackpot by matching 6 main numbers, there’s a rolldown. This means they share the jackpot across other prize tiers where players match 2 or more main numbers, so thousands of players can expect to have their cash prize boosted.

Here’s an example of how tens of thousands of players 4Xed their investments overnight…

£12.9 Million Lotto Jackpot Rolls Down to Boost Prizes for Thousands Of Winners

Previous rolldown winnings for the 30th January:

  • 88,347 £30 winners multiplied their winning by 4.6 when they scooped an amazing £138 for matching just three numbers
  • One lucky ticket-holder matched five numbers and the Bonus Ball and saw their prize boosted from £1M to £1,388,525
  • 43 ticket-holders who matched five main numbers are now £19,820 better off
  • 3,767 players who matched just four numbers are now also £724 richer

“What a boost for the thousands of players who matched just three numbers—they would normally take home £30 but they are now £138 better off! Lots of people have won much more across the board and we’re now urging players all across the world to take a couple of minutes to check their tickets and claim their prizes.”, said Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery

Here’s a result from a previous draw on the 21st October (regular play) where there were no jackpot winners… look how small the 5 + 1 tier prize is:

Now, let’s look at the results of the draw on the 24th of October, where there was a rolldown:

Why You Should Play 'Roll Down' Lotto Draws

The fact is, must-be-won rolldown draws explode your chances of winning a larger prize.

You may have arrived at this article after hearing how a Giant Lottos strategy legally exploited a rolldown rule to win $26 Million for Jerry and Marge Selbee.

The big deal is in that 2nd tier payout, where the rollover funds get allocated to it instead of the jackpot tier…

An actual example; on a Tuesday, a 2nd tier prize was €333,091 and if won by 8 winners, each would have received €41,636.

But on Friday, after a 2nd tier rolled over to a must-be-won rolldown, the 2nd tier prize jumped to a massive €2,174,634…. 9 winners waked away with €241,626 each.

This was in spite of the fact that the €230 million jackpot was won anyway!

Giant Lottos and The Selbees

The Selbees, over a period of years, exploited (perfectly legally) the roll down rules for two different lottery games.

But, there were two key factors in making it work…

First, you need a game with the right rules. Although they come and go, so always research when a new game appears, or simply get yourself a Giant Lottos agent.

Second, you require the right wheeling system (or ‘system play’) for the game. This is the important mathematical bit the news reporters gloss over. Dr Mark Marais talks about playing $1,100 to, “…mathematically have one 4 number winner worth $1,000”, PLUS “eighteen 3 number winners worth $50 each”.

Again, if this makes little sense to you, get yourself a lotto odds expert as your agent.
The lottery maths Giant Lottos uses utilises wheeling. BUT also using the right wheel with the right win guarantee for the game.

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  1. Giant pioneered this strategy and I’m surprised the loophole hasn’t been closed up already. get it while you can

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