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This Raffle is Held Only Once a Year With $2.9 Billion in prizes in 2020

As measured by the total prize payout, the Spanish Christmas Raffle (The El Gordo) is the world’s biggest lottery draw, with $2.9 billion in Christmas winnings on the 22nd December 2020 (this Special Christmas Draw takes place only once a year).

If that figure didn’t get your pulse racing and mind swirling with possibilities, please stop reading now and check your pulse because you must be dead.

Before we get into how and why Giant Lottos became the prime destination for El Gordo tickets in 2021, let’s get you filled in on what a big deal the Spanish Christmas Lotto is.


Some Quick Facts About The El Gordo That Will Restart Your Heart

  1. The overall odds of winning a prize is 1 in 6.5
  2. Over 15% of all tickets win some prize, which is a significantly higher win rate than other number draw game
  3. 70% of ticket sales go towards prizes – prizes for 2021 = $2.9 billion
  4. The Spanish Christmas Raffle is the second-longest running draw competition in the world after the Dutch state-owned Staatsloterij lottery
  5. Spain held the first Christmas draw on 18 December 1812 in Cádiz and the grand prize was for the number 03604
  6. The prize structure makes it easier to win compared to any other online competition, and it’s a common saying that, “The prizes from the Special Christmas Raffle are well distributed all around the world.”
  7. The meaning of El Gordo is simply “the big one” or, more literally, “the fat one”!


“It’s lucky to buy your tickets from the ‘village’ that sold last year’s winning ticket”

Back in the day—before local lottery tickets were sold online—when people walked to a shop to buy lotto tickets, there was a tradition in Spain…

Because of the way El Gordo tickets are batched in Tickets and their Series (10 tickets in a Series), a single Spanish village shop would sell all the tickets within a single series. This meant that all the winners of that ticket’s Series would most likely be the locals.

When one of these tickets won, it meant the entire village won… this resulted in an entire village of El Gordo prize winners.

Now, a tradition exists… each year lotto players from around the world make a pilgrimage to the previous year’s winning village to buy their El Gordo tickets. El Gordo fans believe there is no greater lucky charm than buying a ticket in the village that had all that fortune the previous year.

Players would queue around the block to get their hands on a ticket from the very shop that sold the previous year’s winner.

For example: In 2012, the €4,000,000 El Gordo was paid to every series of number 76058. Every series of numbers 76057 and 76059 also got the corresponding €20,000 approximation prizes.

The result was that the village of Sodeto had a second windfall the following year when El Gordo tourist descended on the town in a frenzy.

Later we’ll discuss how Covid put a rapid end to this tradition in 2020 and how online platforms are now filling the demand.


22nd Dec. 2012—Sodeto in Spain Instantly Became Known as the Luckiest Place on Earth

In 2012 every household in the Spanish village of Sodeto won the El Gordo, except one.

70 households in this isolated farming village were struggling under the double whammy of Spain’s economic downturn and the ravages of a severe drought.

All but one household in Sodeto held at least a piece of a winning ticket in the lottery’s huge first prize, $950 million, the biggest ever.

In 2013 all of Europe rushed to Sodeto Spain to buy their El Gordo tickets hoping that some of that luck would rub off on them.


22nd Dec. 2020—Giant Lottos Instantly Became Known as the Luckiest Place on Earth

In 2020 the same thing happened at Giant Lottos when the world’s premier online lotto ticketing agent became the “village” from which to buy El Gordo tickets in 2021.

In 2020, after Giant Lotto’s world-class call-centre sold the winning series of tickets to a private group of its members, and the series won! The rest, as they say, is history.

Now in 2021, and weeks away from the next big draw, a world of El Gordo fans rush over to Giant Lottos to buy their lucky ticket. And because the demand for their tickets is so high, supply is running out for “El Gordo tourists”.


Covid Makes El Gordo Tourism Difficult… Giant Lottos to the Rescue

Let’s not mention how hard the past 18 months have been on everybody…

One hardship we’ve had to endure during lockdown is the inability to travel freely.

The inability for El Gordo fans to travel to Spain could have spelled the end to the tradition of El Gordo tourism. Although it’s sad that Spain cannot benefit from the tourism traditionally generated by its own Raffle, the tradition is alive and well online. And this year, the luck continues with Giant lottos.

“Restricted travel has made it very difficult for El Gordo Raffle tourists to pilgrimage to Spain to buy their luck. It is lucky that this year’s El Gordo destination will be online, with Giant Lottos being the destination place to buy tickets.”Ross Fulford

We are only weeks away from the 2021 El Gordo Raffle draw on the 22nd of December. Already, the Giant Lottos team have reported a massive up-tick in website traffic. Demand is only going to skyrocket the closer we get to the draw date, so please, get yourself entered today, as late entries may have to pay a premium as tickets become scarce.

Best of luck,


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  4. Giantlottos tickets are the luckyiest on the planet this year. My starsign said i have the best odds around december

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