For some time, I’ve been looking for someone who knows what it’s all about and is consistently beating the lottery.

All I found were those that knew nothing but were eager to sell their “knowledge”, and those that truly knew something but wouldn’t part with it.

My search looked near impossible until I met Mark Marais, and I’m going to tell you some interesting things about him that can affect your life.

But I have a problem. How do I convince you he has discovered the greatest number picking method ever devised to enable you to be a consistent winner as long as you work with him?

I realise these are strong words, but the evidence shows Mark is the greatest lotto odds strategist ever!

I was utterly staggered to see mounds of proof that he had beaten the odds.

Through my industry connection with Giant Lottos, I arranged an “underground” meeting with Mark… I have never met a more confident and capable fellow, but I would not let his charm distract me from my mission…

I joined his hand-picked group of VIP members… invested $4,700 of my own money to bet on the US Powerball… I skyrocketed my investment to $17,304 by the end of the week.

I had found the one I was looking for!

Mark is a seasoned mathematician who devoted the past 7 years to serious research on probability theory and how it relates to lotto picking strategies.

With the help of a friend, Joe Silverman, they averaged 40 hours weekly researching and programming the data into a computer.

The answer was not a “magical formula” that was arrived at “all-of-a-sudden” but had evolved over time.

Unlike anyone else, they could determine the true significance of each factor, and this guarantees the selection of the best number combinations.

I was not the first to recognise the talents of Mark Marais.

They invited him to implement his strategies for the VIP clients of Giant Lottos. Giant Lottos, a leading online lottery ticketing agent, is now partnered with Mark to manage their VIP’s portfolio using his methodologies.

Each week Mark is regularly challenged by a select group of investors and the outcome is always the same in the end… he turns a small $10,000 into at least a 50% gain week after week. It’s the same for the MegaMillions, or the EuroMillions, even the US Powerball. Repeatedly.

Imagine, you sitting there with his numbers in your hands as the balls get drawn, and your numbers roll in. I’ve watched as Mark picked only 3 correct numbers but still turned a $10,000 bet into $16,784. That’s nearly 68% return on investment with hours.

Now for some this may not feel like a big deal… only three numbers, but imagine if you could regularly turn $1 into $2; wouldn’t you do that all day long?

We almost feel compelled to warn unbelieving fans that no one can pick winners like that all the time…. Maybe not… But Mark sure does come close.

To those who feel that one making money with a winning number picking strategy would never part with his know-how, I say to you Mark Marais is the living exception.

Mark says, “It is commonly misunderstood with lotto players, you can make a lot of money in this game without winning the big lotto jackpots. It is possible to double your money very easily, and without risk, predicting only 1 number and a bonus ball match. Playing for these easy wins and quickly doubling my clients’ investments is what my gameplay strategy revolves around.”

Mark truly has the lotto beaten, yet is willing to share his knowledge!


First, he will enjoy extra profits from commissions without lifting a finger.

Second, your success will not interfere with his.

Third, it’s not easy for him to suppress his ego when being heralded as “The world’s best lottery odds expert”.

And in the lottery beating game, recognition is dangerous… If there was an award Mark would certainly win one but the attention would get him banned from every game on the planet.

Because of this, unfortunately, Mark only shares his strategies with a small, select group of VIP players. A very underground group of “wale” players that are sworn to secrecy.

Investing with Mark regularly returns 100%, 200% even 300% overnight.

If it’s untrue that the rich get richer it certainly is true that it’s not what you know but who you know that matters.

Accept his rules and you’ll flip as his selections consistently bring in returns beyond what many believe is impossible. $3000 is flipped into $6000, $9000 into $12000, over and over with few losses in-between.

But that’s not all.

Mark has introduced a brand-new concept in money management so powerful it can turn losers into profits! Sounds incredible? It is!

By combing this ideal selection method with the sound money management strategies developed by the world’s top stock traders, Mark makes it possible for his inside group to make consistent money with less drawdown between wins.

…day after day… after day!

If you are now a registered member of Giant Lottos and you are fortunate enough to get a call from Mark or one of his team, jump at the opportunity that is offered to you.

No guesswork, no judgement calls, no excuses anymore. Just pure exact answers and you will have finally made it.

Think about it, you’ll be making money playing the lotto.

Did you ever think you would?

Because it doesn’t get any better than that!


  1. How do I get in contact with Mark? I have money to invest

  2. It’s by invite only… You will need an account with Giant Lottos and if you are a big player you will get invited. But, to be fair, they do run a “lottery” for regular players who do get a chance to play with and follow what the big boys and girls are doing. If you win this lottery you will be notified by Mark or one of his team members. Hope that helps

  3. makes sense why to go for big jackpot when you can double you money easier

  4. Thanks! I have registered and deposited and am playing so maybe I’ll get a call. but how to be sure?

  5. Only way to be sure is play regular. If not you may get lucky with a call.

  6. I heard about this hmmm. must be a way to get his attention fast any ideas?

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