A major deciding factor when reviewing a lottery agent is how secure their security checks are. The FairLottos team puts the security of each lottery agent to the test, below are some security elements that players need to take into account before choosing to transact with any lottery agents.

In the below table you can find the three most important factors when checking the security of an online lottery agent. FairLottos takes an in-depth look into the whether or not the lottery agent is GDPR compliant, how the agent protects their customer’s private information and what information is detailed in their Terms and Conditions section.


GDPR CompliancePrivacy PolicyTerms and Conditions
The new General Data Protection Regulations came into effect in 2018 and involves how websites handle and store their customer data. We make certain when reviewing a lottery agent that they comply with all the latest GDPR requirements and have a page on their website where they explicitly state that they have updated their practices to comply with GDPR compliance.
This section of the lottery agent’s website concerns their use of cookies and safeguarding their customer’s private information. Our team will determine if the lottery agent makes use of cookies to help improve their player experience and how long they store the cookies for. We also read over their privacy policy to see how the lottery agent protects their client’s private information.
When registering an online account with a lottery agent players automatically accept the Terms and Conditions of that lottery agent. These usually lay out how the ticket buying process works, how lottery winnings are paid out and how can participate in the games on the agent’s website. FairLottos will make sure that each lottery agent has a fair and extensive Terms and Conditions page on their website.