Thousands of Brits Rush To Claim Their USA Powerball & MegaMillions Ticket!


Giantlottos, the website that helps Brits to play lotteries from all over the world, are giving new players a 101% Cashback on First Deposit Bonus to this weekend’s draws.

Update: Due to a lot of international news coverage, Giantlottos has been flooded with new sign-ups. We have been informed that they might put a temporary hold on new accounts. As of 29 July 2018, there are still accounts available.

U.S. lotteries have always stood out, thanks to their mouth-watering jackpots, but until recently you had to actually live in America to play. If you happened to win you’d then have to travel again – which may only be worth it for a sizeable prize. Otherwise, you’d either have to just let your winnings go or figure out a way to get it through a friend and often pay a good chunk of it in commissions. That has now changed…

Thanks to GiantLottos that has now changed – a website that allows residents of the United Kingdom to play the world’s biggest lotteries – regardless of where they live or travel.

GiantLottos official ‘opening promotion’ awarded a 101% Bonus to all new sign-ups, and there is no maximum limit to how much you can deposit… (If you deposit £500 you will receive £1005 to up your chances of winning one of their massive international lottery jackpots)

British players have been rushing to get their bonus. Hardly a surprise, with the average MegaMillions jackpot worth between $100 and $500 Million! And the US Powerball boasting a ludicrous $1.5 Billion record payout.

For residents of the U.K., the MegaMillions & Powerball lotteries are just the beginning… you can play up to 10 of the most popular lotteries from around the world like SuperEnalotto (Italy), EuroMillions (Europe), MegaSena (Brasil), Lotto649 (Canada) and many more.

How To Play International Lotteries From The UK Today!

Step 1: Click “Go See Here” below to go to GiantLottos official website.

Step 3: In the top right, click the green “Sign Up” button and your New Player 101% Cashback promotion code will be prepopulated in the signup form that pops up.

Step 3: Complete registration and deposit: you’ve just doubled your money (yes, free money before you’ve even won the lottery). Now it is time to pick your number, play & WIN!

Go See Here

So, to make playing the international lottery online even more attractive for the Brits, every new player will get their initial purchase doubled. This means that if your initial purchase is $100, you’ll get $201 worth of credits to play any of the international lotteries available.

Huge jackpots, plenty of choices and the convenience of playing via your computer or mobile device are the main reasons why the days of physical lottery tickets are coming to an end.

If you’re not a part of this new online lottery revolution yet, click the button below to register with GiantLottos and get your initial purchase doubled today.


Note: GiantLottos has a daily limit on new players to keep customer support high. If you are not accepted right away, keep trying!

Best of luck!

P.S. GaintLottos are, for a limited time only, also giving away the value of a free lottery ticket with every registration. This means that you will not only get your first deposit doubled but, you’ll also get a credit to play any one of the international lotteries hosted on their site; MegaMillions, U.S. Powerball, and many more. Sign up now before they come to their senses!